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Holiday and Season Drawings for DrawingHand

The drawings you find here are all made for use with the Drawing Hand Screen Saver and are free to download. If you want to view them, you must first have to download and register the Drawing Hand Screen saver. Take a look at the download page, here you find what to do.

In my Art Gallery you find over 40 drawings and over 200 more in the galleries of the artists on this site. I hope you like the drawings you find here.

The latest drawings require Version 7.5 or later of the Drawing Hand Screen Saver.

 The most artistic screen saver:
Watch as it draws animals, people , holiday pictures, nature and more. Visit the Art Gallery to see all of the drawings.

 Display Mode:
The recommended screen saver display mode is 800x600 or 1024x768 with 24-bit color or greater.

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Santa's Secret

Santa's Secret

by Ben Geurts

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